Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Still Snowing

It begins snowing here in October every year and by mid-March it clears. For some unknown reason it snowed the last day of September. October, November, and December had their share of storms. January was a winter wonderland. February out did its self here. We had storm after storm. Then there was the ultimate one, over 21 inches in a day. They actually closed the schools for the first time in 19 years. It really has to bury you for the schools to close the doors. March just ended and our snow has not. We have had little snow storms a few times a week through-out the month. Yesterday brought us two inches to send the month out with a bang. Now it is April Fool's day of all days and we are expecting what? more snow.
I have decided that enough is enough. Most states are in bloom, I want mine to be too. Spring is one of my favorite times of year.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


THE RULES: Write your own six word memoir. Post it on your blog and include a visual illustration if you like. Link to the person who tagged you in your post. Tag six more blogs with links. Don't forget to leave a comment on the blogs you tagged inviting them to play along!
Jennifer's memoir [tagged by Aisha]:

Mother, eternal student, ever loving, friend.

Friday, January 25, 2008

The cover page of Michy's book.

Lazermort walking through the beaded curtain.

Lazermort with the gypsy.

Peep playing with his parents.

Mrs. Poter bravely standing before Lazermort.

And continuing where we left off.....

Peep peeped out of the room that his mom has placed him. He burst out in tears and giant sobs, wanting his parents. Lazermort followed the sound of the helpless baby. Suddenly, the crying ceased. Lazermort continued in the direction that the sound had come. He looked into a room and there sat a baby boy playing with a mirror.

Lazermort whispered his magic spell. Yes, it was ABRACADABRA. Peep held up the mirror and the spell bounced back towards Lazermort. In horror, Lazermort started to scream as he anticipated the impact of the light. not all of the spell hit Lazermort, part of it hit Peep.

Ten years later, a penguin named Peep sat in the common room of his school house, Magic Door. Peep sat there reminiscing about the past six years he has spent at Penguinpimples. He was a very fortunate boy to have been taken from the orphanage at the age of five. He was brought here to Penguinpimples by Stamplefloor, the school's headmaster, to live among witches and wizards.

Peep put his flipper to the wand shaped scar he received ten years earlier. He smiled to himself as he thought of...

Peep's though was interrupted as his two best friends came scurrying into Magic Doors common room. Peep looked up, his lips curved into a smile at the sight of Straberry and Zip.

"I'm bored!" Peep blurted out.

"Let's go to the seventh floor," Zip shouted in excitement.

"Zip, you're so stupid," vented Straberry, "Stamplefloor told us never to go there."

"Duh, think Straberry, he only mentioned not to go there because he knew we would," whispered Zip trying to sound smart.

Before the students could decide what to do...

"Wait, let me tell this part," piped in Lazermort.

"I dropped a blood thirsty, wild dragon on Peep..."

Things Kids Say

Tsenu is always home on Fridays, thanks to his government job.
This morning while the two little ones were getting ready Tsenu was in the library translating for the church. Hann had gone in the library grabbed a book and started to read. Tsenu looked down at him and said, "You need to put on your shoes."
Hann being ever so sweet told his father that he did have shoes on. He held up his bare foot and said, " See, I'm a hobbit!"

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just Because...

This is the latest series of books that I just finished reading to the kids. The books are all about the heir to the Hairy Hooligan Tribe(a viking tribe), Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. They are a super fun read.
I just thought I would recommend them in case you have not heard of the books, yet.

Continuation of Micky's story

Segment 2 ------ Pages 3-4

This story is not only about the malicious Lazermort, though. It is also a story about an undeserving hero named Peep Poter. Peep's story begins the following night...
Peep was happily playing with his parents in their home. A crashing noise came dancing to their ears disturbing the quiet of the evening.
Peep exclaimed, "What the heck!"
Peep's parents were so delighted about Peep vocalizing his first three words, they didn't realize the grave danger that lurked.
Quietly, a lizard crept in their home.
Peep's dad saw the lizard out of the corner of his eye. Mr. Poter started screaming and running around the room. A flash of light shot through the room. When the light subsided Peep glimpsed his father sprawled on the olive-green carpet. Peep's dad lolled there not breathing, not moving, not thinking, and, as you may have guessed, not alive.
"Lazermort," Mrs. Poter inaudibly murmured.
To the surprise of Mrs. Poter Peep sat noiselessly. She picked Peep up and slipped silently out of the room. Lazermort was to busy laughing his scaly head off to witness their departure.
After Mrs. Poter had hid Peep, she softly crawled back into the room. There standing back up behind Lazermort she tried not to show fear.
Lazermort turned quickly and shouted, "Where is the boy?!"
"What boy?" Mrs. Poter responded in a sweet voice.
"The baby," drawled Lazermort.
"There are six baby boys on this block," quipped Mrs. Poter.
"I know! There was Peter, Henry, Bobo, Monkey boy, and Harry, but I am looking for a Peep," Lazermort fumed with rage.
Lazermort whispered something only he would dare, "Abracadabra."
I know you'd expect something well cooler as a killing spell. None-the-less, Mrs. Poter too dropped dead.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Michy's Story

Michy had to right this 16 page book for school. I am so proud of the job she has done, I thought I would post the beginning of her story.
Before I start her book though there are things you must know. Michy has rules for writing in her class. They are:
1. You can not use the word said or say, at all.
2. You can not use nice or big, you know ordinary words kids use. BAND!
She is already finished with this story. It is due next week.

First few pages:

Lazermort stepped through the beaded curtain into a dark room. The only light was being cast by a crystal ball. There were eerie shadows lazily moving across the walls. A decrepit, revoltingly ugly gypsy sat at a round table, looking into the glowing crystal ball.
The gypsy beckoned Lazermort to sit with her crooked wing. Lazermort hesitated at the sight of the malformed owl that sat before him. His hesitation only lasted for an instant. He seated himself before the gypsy.
Lazermort opened his mouth to inquire after his heart's one desire, "What they hey?!"
At the very moment Lazermort was going to make his inquiry a skeleton dog came strutting into the room with a bone hanging out of its mouth. Lazermort looked from the dog toward the disturbingly deformed gypsy in shock.
"That... that didn't count... right? Your... dog made...", babbled Lazermort.
"Lazermort, you only get one question answered from my crystal ball." goaded the gypsy.
"Bu... But..."
"Lucky for you the ball always knows the desire of the heart."
"Oh..", breathed Lazermort.
"The ball sees a boy with powers as great as yours. He is but one, now. I see him in his mothers arms. She is singing to her little one. They are in their home in Ham Yorking. The house sits on Oinksalot Avenue. I am afraid there will be another you equal if... AHHHH...", the gypsy's speech was cut short by a blast of light. Her scream only lasted for the twinkling of an eye.
Instantaneously, the grotesque body of the gypsy collapsed to the floor. The gypsy's life was not the only thing that extinguished in a flash, the glow of the crystal ball went with it.
There, in the ominously dark room, sat a skeleton dog looking up into the malevolent face of Lasermort. A sneer found its way to Lazermort's lips and vanished immediately.
"If... what do you mean IF!" roared Lazermort.


Van celebrated his 15th birthday, yesterday. We had his birthday celebration on Monday, though. We took him out to pick out the gifts he wanted and even I was amazed.
Van decided that he wanted music for his i-pod. He want big band music and piano Cd's. Then, while we were headed to the check out line he spotted The Princess Bride on DVD, we have a VHS copy. He wanted to replace it with the DVD because he loves the movie.
I left the store so happy that I have a fifteen year old that has good taste and is a great young man.
Then, he told me that he wants to take ballroom dancing. He said that he gets to date in a year and he wants to impress the girls,when the time comes.

Monday, January 14, 2008


Michy had to read a science fiction book and make a movie poster to go along with the book. Michy read Princess From Another Planet. This is the movie poster she made to go with the book. It says:
Princess From Another Planet

PG - for fantasy violence and scary images.

Gracie is an ordinary girl that is undeservingly stuck with an insane mother, who thinks she is an alien queen. Gracie's dad lets her mom indulge in the harmless delusion and Gracie's brother believes his mom.
Gracie's life is all of a sudden becoming weirder than her mom.
Gracie is begining to wonder:
Is her mom insane or an alien?
Is she even going to live to find out?
For answers to these questions watch Princess From Another Planet!

At the bottom of the poster she had to have three people comment on the movie. Michy wrote:
Gracie's mom said, "Truth is stranger than fiction."
Hannah Mountain said, "Hey all you slimy kids out there, who like my singing, this movie is not as scary as me!"
A goat from the movie said, "This movie makes me look baaad! I am going back to Gracie's trailer, to watch Billy Goats Gruff."

Michy has also been writing a five page report on Florida. And now she is in the middle of an eighteen page book due in a week and a half. Lucky for me Michy really likes to write.

Hann has had his mop trimmed. Trying to convince him that he needs a hair cut every now and than is a full time job. Hann is afraid that someone will cut his hair so short there will not be any curls left. His fear is justified, considering someone did do that very thing.

Tony turned fourteen years old last Wednesday. Now he and Van are the same age until next Monday. Talk about a baaaaaaad thing. Tony usually rubs it in. But this year he has actually been nice about it, because it was a stake dance on Saturday. Tony wanted Van to get him dances with the girls.
Last of all, I was able to watch to new Jane Austin movie today. I had to record it since I put my kids to bed and read to them starting at eight.
At least it was worth the wait!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Ignore the date! Tsenu entered it military style; aka backwards!
This is what the fence looked like this morning! 1-5-08

Last night we had the joy of having our usual winter winds. Here the wind storms come in at 80 miles an hour during parts of the winter. We have snow again already, but only because it is snowing right now. When I woke at 4 am there was no snow left on the ground. The wind had blown away a month worth of packed snow in a night, along with our fence. We usually have only a few sections of our fence come down, not the whole stinking thing. We have actually had good winters the last two years and managed to keep our fence standing up-right.

If you are wonder why it is that we keep putting back up a fence that keeps falling, the answer is our neighbors refuse to put up chain link(you know wood looks so much better). We have chain link around all the rest of the house, it never falls. Maybe this will be the year they change their mind about the type of fence. Wood does look better but in an area that gets horrible winds in the winter it is not practical. Plus, Tsenu is sick of paying to fix a fence he does not even want!

The neighbors did not just lose our side of the fence, they also lost part of their other side. SO SAD!


Michy's friend came over and asked her if she would enter a contest about what makes a house a home. Micky decided to make something for the contest. She never got to turn it in because Tsenu and I were in Hawaii but it is cute so I decided to post it.

Her perception of our family is meant to be amusing and three-Fourths of the way true. Sadly enough.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays

Sunday, December 16, 2007



On day one we just walked along the beach. It was nice and relaxing. We went to all the shops and looked around along the way.
On day 2 though we went to the flea market. It is meant for tourists. You can pick up stuff for everyone a lot cheaper than in the stores. We spent until early afternoon there. I even bought another suitcase there just to hold all of the thing that we bought. We got hoodies for all the kids, everyone has three shirts, we got shorts for the boys, dresses for Michaelle and I, and Tsenu got a Hawaiian shirt that buttons down.
After the flea market we went hiking in the rain forest to the waterfalls. I have never been in a place more beautiful. We were told the only thing that can bite us there is the mosquitoes. Whenever everyone else makes it, remember that the mountains are the most beautiful part of the island.


On day 3 Tsenu and I went on a submarine ride. Talk about a view of the island I never thought that I would see. It was amazing!!! We went 120 feet under and saw sea turtles, a shark, and more tropical fish then I thought I would. They warn you that the sea life cannot be made to come out for us.
After the submarine we went on a sunset cruise. The view was spectacular. We had dinner on board. I never thought that the etiquette dinners the young women made us sit through would pay off. But they did when I sat down to a table with three forks, three knives, and a fork and spoon at the top of the plate. The food was disgusting! Oh, I mean it. If the rich eat like that I know why they are thin!! Tsenu and I decided that the cruise more than made up for the food.

Tsenu and I went to the Polynesian Cultural Center. We had the best time. The villages had performances that were both educational and funny. After spending the whole afternoon traveling from village to village we went to a luau. There was all kinds of traditional foods. Some were great and others weird; like chicken long rice. After the luau there was a big show. It had dancers from almost all of the islands. This final performance is were the fire dancers were. The center is something that has to be experienced, it is hard to describe.

Day 5
Tsenu and I had our own car and on day 5 we made use of it. We drove around the entire island. First, we drove as far west as we could go and then turned around. There is a section of road that the locals said washed out years ago. So you cannot actually make a full circle. Then we drove up through the middle of the island. After that we drove east all the way back around. We got on Highway 3 to finish our tour.
Highway 3 sits high on the mountain and has the best views. I wanted to go on it to see the stairway to heaven. They are metal stairs that stretch from the bottom of the mountain to the top. They go up along a ridge. A local said it is a public stairway but if you fall your dead. I thought the view from far away was fine with me.

Day 6

Tsenu and I went to the USS Arizona and on a tour of the Missouri. The navy officers take you out to the Arizona and back again. It is military land so you cannot go off on your own. Then we went to the Missouri. You are not aloud to take any picture until you get there. They do not want anyone photoing the base. Cannot image why! You also cannot take any bags with you of any kind; no diaper bag, purse, camera bag, or backpack. Tsenu and I seemed to be the only ones who got the message because everyone else had bags with them. They had to check them into a bag check in place or leave them on the bus.
The tour was fun but not the most fun we had. Tsenu have decided the Missouri and Arizona should be done the first day and everything else after!
Day 7 we traveled home. I was sad to see the last of Hawaii. Even though this trip was supposed to be my trip, Tsenu enjoyed himself as much as I did. I know everyone is thinking of course he did. But I have been asking to go for years and Tsenu has always said if I want to go, go on my own. He never wanted to step foot in Hawaii. He thought the humidity would kill him. He found out very quickly it is not as humid as he thought. Plus, neither of us have seen any place so beautiful and green.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Fall Leaves

Tony, Michy, and Hann decided to play in the leaves today while I was making dinner. I caught them through the window without them knowing it. They were so fun to watch!
The kids made a huge pile of leaves. They even used the rake to knock as many leaves off the tree as they could get and Tony brought box fulls from the backyard. Then the three of them took turns burying each other. They would shoot out of the pile as soon as their whole body was covered.
After that they had a huge leave fight. They took huge arm fulls and just bombarded each other. It was raining leaves for a solid 45 minutes in my yard.

The three of them had such a great time in the leaves that I had dinner done before I had to call them in.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Tsenu has decided that he no longer wanted to grow his hair out. Apparently it was to much of a hassle.

So, yesterday morning at five o'clock he asked me to take a picture of his hair, since it would be gone soon. I was more than happy to oblige. I have wanted a picture of his bald spot since he started growing it.
When he asked to look at the picture his mouth dropped. Tsenu proceeded to ask me how I could have let him walk around looking like that. I just laughed as he went in search of a hat to wear to work. My, Husband is now mortified!

Last night at eleven o'clock Tsenu asked me to please shave his hair off. I am so happy that his hair is gone. I did not like the whole Afro idea to begin with. So, now Tsenu is bald and adorable once again. Except for the mustache he has decided to grow. I wonder how I can get rid of that now!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Wednesday October 24, 2007

I was on my way to the Family History Center to help with a group of youth when I saw an object in the sky. The kids and I thought that it was a meteorite. That was until it turned in the sky and started going another direction. I have not heard one word on the news of what it was and I cannot find it online either! My dear husband will not tell me what it is, even if he knows. That whole working for the government thing and not being able to talk about it!!

The object was very fast and had a huge flame shooting out of the back. I really hope that I find out someday what it was. For now it is my UFO.
Michy wrote this: I say it was the government playing tricks on us!

Friday, October 26, 2007


Online Parish Records
I cannot believe that I actually finished.
I am finally done preparing for the class at 12:30 am, the morning that I have to give it for the Family History Fair. I am proud of myself! I will never teach again, but I am proud that I am done and it will be well presented.

I actually put together 50 minute worth of information. Plus, I proved that you can track down a family. It is not my family. It was just the first name that I came across that I could find the parents and grandparents for in the same counties parish records.

Now I think I will go to sleep.

Everyone keep your fingers crossed that I do well today!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Each month Michy has to read a book of a different genre. This month was realistic fiction. She read Henry Reed's babysitting service. She had to make a diorama or a shadow box to represented her favorite part of the book.
She chose to make a diorama about a camp out that Henry (main character) took Graig (a little boy) on. The boy kept waking Henry up all night. He thought that a dog was a wolf, a crow was a vulture, an owl was something(do not remember), and a peacock was a women screaming HELP because she was being murdered. I even read this book to the kids, it is very funny.

One of the ladies at church has a peacock and gave Michy peacock feathers to make her peacock out of. Michy did not even need to use one feather to make her peacock. So, now her and Hann can be seen running through the house with peacock feathers tied to them. It is cute.
I caught Hann in this picture making himself a funny looking eye.

A Phone Number, Please!

Tsenu called me at 7:00am and said that he really need a phone number that he had left on the desk; before we cleared out the library. I thought he honestly wants me to dig through all of this stuff sitting on the living room floor to find a phone number.
He really did want me to. It took two hours but I found it.
Now I am just thankful that the office is done being painted and in a couple of days I can put everything back were it belongs. I would do it today but all the books would probably stick to the shelves.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Yesterday, after church I decided to make a play list for myself. I wanted to have it so I can listen to the songs that I like. I have very eclectic taste.
The kids all came to join me on the computer, they usually join me in whatever I do. We all listened to music for the better part of the afternoon, I enjoyed that. Then, Van stated that they made better music when I was a teenager.
I thought "oh how sweet!" until Tony opened his mouth. He said yeah one of my teachers was talking about music from that time( I know the teacher). Van said what time is that Tony? Tony realized right away that he had once again stuck his foot in his mouth, he does it quite often.
The teacher that Tony is referring to is twice my age. I do like music from all periods of time but I hardly think that the teacher was referring to my time of music!
Some days!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Frustrated, NOT ME!!!

This has been an exact picture of me with the exception that I am A girl.

I am trying to get a power point presentation ready for the family history fair next week. Yes, if you are wondering I am teaching a class. On what? Online parish records. Sounds interesting does it not? No: well than I agree.
I was actually asked to teach this class months ago. You know what I told the person? NO WAY!! So why am I doing this? Because some people do not take no for an answer; no that would never convince me to give in to teaching a class that I know nothing about.

So, What Happened?
Glad you asked!

Well, the sad story is this: I was asked, I said NO WAY, she said please, I said No, she said please, I said I will look into it to see if it is possible to get enough information but I still do not want to teach, she said OK.
The end; well obviously not.
I told her one month later I looked up information and it was impossible to do. So my answer stands as NO!!
The END; yeah right not on someones life.

I was in a meeting at the family history center and someone else asked me: Can I get your outline for the family history fair. Conversation: I said what outline! I am not even in the fair, she said yes you are, I said no I am not, she said yes you are signed up to do online parish records, I said REALLY(now I am giving the person who asked me to teach a dirty look!! That I wish could hurt her, very badly!!)
The sad end to the story is: that by the time I was asked for my outline(which the lady asking felt really embarrassed about because she did not know someone else signed me up) it was to late to take my name off. The fliers, posters, and all the other ads were already made. So, here I am teaching a class that I do not want to teach and frustrated.
Then, while sitting here frustrated I was serenaded by Aisha's blog. It was singing La Ti Da by the Icicles and it just made me feel good; even about having no idea what to teach in my class. Maybe I can play the song on my power point and no one will care that they are not learning anything; hey just a thought.
Thanks for the music Aisha, I needed that!!